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May 11 2010

Topless Woman is a National Hero After Putting Out Fire

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An Australian woman named Tash Bennett was sunbathing when she saw a palm tree catch on fire near the pool. She immediately bolted up, raced to reception to call for help, then sprinted back and did battle with the fire for five minutes with a garden hose until it was out. The clincher? Boobies!

“It was only after the fire was out that she looked down and realised that she was topless.

“At one stage she had quite an audience, just having a laugh.”

One witness, Johnny McCoy, said Ms Bennett had a full audience of residents while she battled the blaze, which occurred last Thursday.

“For the record, she was smoking hot herself, but provided all the boys a pretty awesome sight,” he said.

“Once she had the blaze under control, she then got her bikini situation under control and put everything back where it should be.”

There are tales of heroism every day across the world, but very few that actually involve heroic boobs. I think I might need to move to Australia.

New Idea: Topless fire department. What? After reading this story, it’s a scientific fact that topless women are better at putting out fires than clothed ones. Don’t argue with science.

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