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May 07 2010

Idiot Tourists Stranded in Australia After GPS Leads Them Astray

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I love GPS as much as the next guy, but even I know when to give it up and rely on my functioning brain when things seem amiss. These guys? Not so much.

South Korean tourists traveling from Brisbane to Rockhampton had to be rescued from a remote track in a forestry reserve in southeast Queensland after they tried to follow the directions given by their car’s GPS system.

The three followed gravel roads, then dirt roads, then went through a couple of gates, and ended up bogged in a gully in Cordalba State Forest, near Childers.

The men, who did not speak English, ignored danger signs and moved rocks blocking a road, to get to an isolated point that was practically inaccessible, the Bundaberg NewsMail reports.

When their Ford Falcon became bogged the men tried to walk out, further endangering themselves.

They literally moved rocks blocking a road? Come on! And I understand the whole, not speaking English thing, but seriously, aren’t skull and crossbones a “get the hell out of here” symbol in ANY language?

I can already see this being the plot of a new horror movie. The killer reprograms idiot tourists’ GPS so that it takes them right to his secret Australian lair in the outback. Or you know, just tells them to drive straight into the water and save him a mess to clean up.

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