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May 07 2010

Five Truly Awesome Sports Fan Reactions

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There’s just something about the Spring that gets tensions flaring and reactions at a level that are just a tad “shakier” than they might be in the colder months.  I think it’s the fact that everyone is pumped and excited that sports are underway and that we’ve got a nice four months of outdoor weather ahead of us.

Either that or I’m completely talking out of my ass and representing my own point of view.  I just know that it’s a great time and one where we can really show our true emotions with our favorite sports teams.

But no emotions can match that of some types of fans.  Here are 5 truly awesome sports fan reactions..


Good God who the hell is this?  She sounds like an ape. Oooh oooh.

Saints Win the Superbowl

This guy is awesome.  I hate to sound “racial” here but no white guy could do this.

These are Red Sox Fans?

Crazy Arsenal Fans

Soccer.  I’ll never understand it.

Yankees Fan Hates TV

Not to sound “racial” but only a white trash guy can do this.

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  • nuts

    appart from the first one they are pretty much expected, I mean, it’s the kind of normal reactions you see of fans but nothing out of “normal” about the last one i dont know, i hope it’s fake, no one is really angry or scared, and there are two people with cameras before it happens, so it sounds like planned for me! anyways, nice post still heh



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