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May 04 2010

The Five Most Annoying Types of Restaurant Customers

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When you decide to spend the money on going to a restaurant clearly there are expectations you have that you are hoping get met.  We got to restaurants for many reasons but amongst the highest are good food and good service.  A nice atmosphere is a plus but let’s face it.  I’d rather have good food and service in a dump than the other way around.

So naturally when you’re a paying customer if things don’t go as planned you might not be satisfied and you might complain.   That’s pretty normal.  But not normal is complaining for the sake of complaining.

It’s being a dick just because you want to be a dick.  And that my friends, is not cool.

Here are five really awful types of restaurant customers I hope you don’t have to be around

The Super High Maintenance Person


I figured this was a good place to start.   No one is more annoying than the pricks who have to have everything just so.  And the worst part is that you see these people in like crappy restaurants and they are expecting the best service ever.  They flinch at every move.  Get annoyed if the waiter is too close.  Need distance in their chairs.  You name it.  It’s always an issue with them.  These people expect the Ritz Carlton even if they’re at McDonald’s.

The Send Back Food Person

Angry Sea

I can understand sending food back.  I can.  You don’t want to eat something if it wasn’t prepared right.  But this is a different class of person.  These are people who just send shit back for the sake of sending it back.  Honestly it’s not cool.  There’s a point where you just have to eat your food and shut up.

The “Sally” Orderer


Anyone who’s seen When Harry Met Sally can sympathize with me here.  Unfortunately my wife is a Sally orderer.  However I have to admit she’s kind of cute about it and even apologetic with waiters.  But on the crappier side you have those people who order something as simple as a slice of pizza but give a 3 minute oral dictation on how they want it prepared.

The Crappy Tipper


I hate, absolutely hate people who aren’t generous with tips.  I worked as a busboy and waiter and man oh man nothing is worse than receiving a crap tip.  Just step up and pay the 20%.  Most of these people need the money more than you do.

The Try to Get Stuff Free People

Married with Children

I’ve heard of people who have written letters to restaurants after poor service.  If it’s a great restaurant and your experience sucked I can understand that.  I’m not talking about that.  I’m talking about people who do ANYTHING they can to get freebies.  If you want everything you want then go to the supermarket.  Stop trying to swindle the place.

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2 responses so far

  • Patty O’Heater

    What a load of rubbish! If it’s a crap restaurant, complain. If the service is useless, don’t tip. “Just step up and pay the 20%” – are you kidding? No service is worth 20% extra. Do you tip your bank clerk, supermarket cashier, postman etc. etc.? Pathetic list of whining complaints from the most annoying type of restaurant employee with an enormous chip on their shoulder.

  • jamie

    To patty: you’re probably a cheap fatass. if you don’t pay 15 to 20% tip then you shouldn’t go out to eat at a restaurant.



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