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Apr 29 2010

Check out this Sandstorm in China

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Of all the natural phenomenon that occur in this world every year, you rarely hear about sandstorms.  It’s probably because they don’t have incredibly damaging effect save for soil loss and things of that nature.

But don’t underestimate these things.  They can produce spread of disease and do some serious damage to those eyeballs.  When you can actually see a sandstorm it’s kind of freaky.  It looks like fog only it’s sand.

Kind of like those giant flocks of birds or insects that look like clouds.

Check out a sandstorm in China after the jump

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Apr 29 2010

Toilet Paper Thief Robs Convenience Store

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When you read that headline, you think that this story is going to be about a man who robbed a store for toilet paper right? No, although that would be equally ridiculous.

“A man who concealed his face by wrapping his head with toilet paper robbed a Lincoln convenience store. Police said the man was armed with a knife when he robbed the store around 10:30 on Saturday night. He escaped on foot with an undisclosed amount of money from the safe.”

Look, I understand we’re in a recession, but is toilet paper SERIOUSLY the best robbery disguise you can find? No nylons, ski masks, hoodies, even hats and sunglasses? Come on man, one gust of wind and your entire getup is blown away!

Unless…unless this is the beginning of the prophesied great mummy crime spree! The world is ending, runnn!

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Apr 29 2010

She’s Uncoachable: Sexy Fitness Model Christina Shire

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Christina Shire

I want to challenge all of you to something.  Go into Google right now and type in the name Christina Shire.  Can you find anything other than like 2 articles?  Honestly I can’t.  So if any of you have a website, something, anything on this woman than please let me know.

All I know is that she’s a fitness model and looks exactly how I would prefer Tyra Banks to look.  You know, like when Banks used to be kind of hot?  Though I will say banks has a very big forehead.

Shire does not.  Shire has all the right everything.

More of Christina after the jump

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Apr 29 2010

Mugshot of the Year

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It’s bad enough to get a tattoo proclaiming your ability to successfully perform oral sex for your family and friends to see. It’s quite another thing to get arrested and have that same idiocy broadcast across the entire internet for all to see. This guy’s only saving grace is that his name isn’t printed with the photo.

Here’s a legitimate question, what happens to a guy like this in prison? Presumably anyone who gets any kind of tattoo on their face is supposed to be “hard” to some degree, but seriously, I can’t imagine other inmates looking at this guy and going “what a badass.” If anything, it would make for a good pun during a surprise shower sex session. “Guess the fellas love it too eh!?”

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Apr 29 2010

Baby Invents Crazy New Way to Move

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Alright, I haven’t been this weirded out by a video in a really long time, so I thought I needed to share it with you.

This is either a creative, pudgy baby, or a creative pudgy dwarf who has invented a new way to move around, either because A) it’s fun and hilarious or B) crawling and walking are out of the question due to all the pudge.

Now, I am in no way making fun of this person, if it is someone with some sort of strange developmental disorder, but it’s just freaking ridiculous on every level, and I really, really would like the unravel the mystery of what exactly is going on here. Can anyone help me out?

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Apr 29 2010

Presenting you With Ice Girls of the NHL

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NHL Ice Girls

I’ve expressed my distaste for hockey in the past and I still feel it’s a pretty boring sport with the exception of the fighting.   However I must admit that hockey has taken some major strides in the areas of cheerleading and ice cleaning.

They’ve managed to somehow combine the two.  The emergence of “Ice Girls” has been nothing but refreshing and I for one would considering attending a hockey game nowadays.

And if it’s solely to watch girls shovel ice and clean stuff wearing slutty outfits then so be it.  The league’s got to improve and clearly this is a great start.

Check out various Ice Girls of the NHL after the jump

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Apr 29 2010

Summer Can Be a Funny Time Of Year

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Funny Summer

Can you feel it?  Today I felt it.  It’s that feeling that warm weather is upon us.  Man I love that.  No it’s not in the 60s yet.  And no, it’s not time for us to go in the Ocean.  But I think you guys know what I’m talking about.  It’s the knowledge that better weather is in our midst that puts me in a brighter mood.

The winter has its pluses but let’s face it.  Cold weather is annoying.  It makes you angry and it really really sucks to be outside when you have a crappy windchill factor.  Summer?  I’d way rather complain of being hot than cold.

Speaking of summer.  There’s just more chance for humor as well.  I think it’s because there’s less clothing.

Check out some funny summer pictures after the jump

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Apr 29 2010

Thursday’s Throwdown: A Draft I Can Believe In, Facebook “Likes” Suck, and Sexy Frying

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Click on the photo for the Sam Bradford girl draft

Sam Bradford is now getting ready for his first NFL season and the challenges and pressures that come along with it. He needs all the help and support he can get.  So who should he choose as his lucky lady to guide him through the season?

More great choices at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Throwdown

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When you need a celebrity “slip” or two – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

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Holly Lynn is the featured model of the day – [Bullzeye]

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Apr 28 2010

Hotties in the Wild Lead the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more hotties in the wild 

I know it’s a little early in the week to bust out the wild hotties but what can I say?  I was just in the mood to share some ladies that I used to remember hitting on.  Oh you remember.  The drunk, fun, non relationship types.  Those were the days.  Now I’m married.  Oh well.

More memories at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Portfolio

Faye Katrina Clancy Scarlett Banks Facebook Girls Brandi Aria

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Apr 28 2010

11 Man Caves To Be Envious Of

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This summer I am finally moving out of New York City.  By no means am I saying I’m not happy living here in the Big Apple but I will say that space is starting to get a little cramped.

I mean I love writing for all you folks from my tiny little apartment living room and not having 5 feet to move in all day but it’s clearly time for a change.

The one thing I made sure of in my new place?  Ample basement space to build my “man cave.”  While I won’t have anything nearly as cool as what you’re about to see, I’ll make the best of it.

Here are 11 amazing man caves

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