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Apr 30 2010

The Weirdest Sears Portrait You’ll Ever See

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If I had to guess what this was at first glance, I would think it was stealth promotion for some new show on Comedy Central or HBO, but if this is legitimate? I’m terrified people like this actually exist, and are dating.

I’m 80% sure that’s a girl on the right, but I suppose anything is possible with a little lipstick. As for the guy on the left, I didn’t think it was possible to grow facial hair that thin, so I bet that…thing is drawn on with a pencil. As for their clothes? It’s very green of them to recycle Tony Montana’s wardrobe and combine it with the curtains in their house.

If you ever run into these guys, please snap a picture so we can see them in the wild.

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5 responses so far

  • DanOhh

    From Tim and Eric Awesome Show on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

  • http://xaotikdesigns.com Adam

    Yeah, its Tim and Eric, they are both dudes, and thay is a penciled on mustache.

    It is also quite possible their wardrobe was made from curtains as well…

  • shwa

    great job!

  • Annon.

    ah ha! tim and eric is such a bad show! bring wonder showzen back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Solo

    Wow, Johnny Q, what’s next ? A review of Uncle Muscle’s latest CD?



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