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Apr 30 2010

Seven Pretty Awesome Animal Fights

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Animal Fight

As much as it’s kind of badass to watch humans fighting I’m not sure it compares to a really cool animal fight.  Honestly, how often do you see humans fighting other types of animals?  Pretty much never.

But in the wild kingdom you get to see all kinds of funky match ups.  I mean how cool would it be to see a human vs. a Gorilla?  Of course the Gorilla would kick the human’s ass but you know what I mean.

So if you want to see a Pig take on a Lion then this article might be for you.

Here are seven pretty awesome animal fights….

Young Zebra Wins against Lioness

Not sure I agree with this weird music but pretty cool.

Mother Cougar Attacks a Bear

Interesting standoff.   Surprised the bear was such a wuss here.

Pig Fights a Lion

This pig’s got some balls.

Gorilla Vs. Gorilla


Hippo Fight

These guys are very hardcore.  I would not mess with a Hippo as another animal.

Hippo Takes out a Croc

And steals the food no less.  Hippos are dicks.

Crazy Koala Fight

The sounds in this are ridiculous

The Best Animal Fight Ever


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