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Apr 28 2010

Woman’s Stolen Car Returned to Her Completely Pimped Out

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No that is not a headline from The Onion, this really happened, which is why I found it worth reporting. Observe:

“A Brooklyn schoolteacher whose car was stolen three years ago has gotten it back — totally souped-up and unrecognizable.

Amanda Pogany’s 1996 Honda was returned to her drag-race ready, with a new engine, manual transmission, leather interior, tinted windows and oversize tires.

Police found the car at an illegal chop shop and were able to trace it to Pogany even though the VIN number had been filed off.”

The best part? She can’t even drive it, because it’s been converted into a stick shift.  I guess she can sell it on ebay? I don’t think I’d want to drive around in a car like that because A) I’d look like a douchebag and B) it would probably be stolen again immediately and dismantled for all its fancy parts.

Police have already questioned Xzibit.

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