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Apr 27 2010

The Greatest Indian Action Scene Ever Filmed

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Leave it to the Indians to create an action scene so mind-bogglingly awful, I barely have words to describe it. I really can sum it up by two words, “powersliding horse.”

I’ve no idea what Bollywood flick this is from, nor why the guy is dressed up like Michael Jackson, but without a doubt this needs to be remade in America. I call it DEATH HORSE 9000.

Speaking of death horses, I’ve always wondered how they film horses tripping and falling over on film, without accidentally breaking their legs and necks in the process. It looks like it really hurts!

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  • Gill Avila

    There was a time in America when horses in westerns were fitted with a harness called a “running W.” That’s what made them pitch over on their heads–often fatally. Nowadays the horses are trained to take falls. From what I can see in that action scene it appears that the horses were fitted with the harnesses which are now outlawed in the USA. Apparently there’s no Indian version of the ASPCA.



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