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Apr 26 2010

Dating Tips: Four Subtle Tactics To Mess With A Woman’s Self Esteem (And Make her Work Harder)

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I read this little tidbit about women’s self esteem the other day and I thought you men could use it in your quest to land an attractive lady.

Women are particularly vulnerable to low self-esteem. They strive to establish their place in a “man’s world” in business, while at the same time trying to balance a career with family and household responsibilities. They strive to work on their physical image, feeling pressure to be thin and fit and look like a Hollywood starlet. (Source)

And given this obsession to try to “have it all” women are extremely vulnerable under all this pressure.  It is this vulnerability that will allow you to swoop in there at their weakest moments and land a hotter chick than you deserve.

I’m not saying you should do any of these things because if you do then you’re basically an asshole but if you don’t mind being a dick and just want to get laid then believe me, these five tactics will work when you are first dating someone.

*Again these are short term tactics and to be used on girls you’re probably not all that serious about.

Consistently bring up good Ex Girlfriend qualities


My ex used to do this.  Can’t you?

Girls absolutely HATE when you bring up ex girlfriends.  That’s a given.  But they particularly hate if you bring up good qualities in these people.  It’s a sign that perhaps they’re lacking something.  That will in turn make them feel crappy thus they will be more vulnerable to your advances.  That or they’ll just slap you in the face.  Still though, it’s the “well what can I do to be more like that?” thing.

Always note when an attractive girl is on TV


They might not say it but when a girl is reminded of how hot television girls are they wind up feeling a little crappier.  They might eat less, go to the gym longer.  Look man.  It’s true.  Keeps them in line you know?

Mention how easily you can lose weight


What does a female hate more than anything?  The fact that you’re a male and can eat whatever you want.  You know something?  Mention it.  Say to them “well that’s too bad.”  It just means they’re gonna have to try harder.

Talk about How Men age Well


Same thing as the easily losing weight thing.

*P.S. If any of you really thought I was serious here then that’s your right.  Also, good luck to all you douchebags out there.

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  • will

    your last comment tries to cover yourself, but it works like a charm. just try and hide it with sarcasm or humor. always poke at their weight or obvious flaw such as ears, nose, etc.



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