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Apr 23 2010

Five Things You’re More Likely To Do on Spring Break Than Anywhere Else

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Unfortunately for most colleges Spring Break is officially winding down.  There might be a few schools left out there who had late starts and God bless every single one of them.  I hope there’s plenty of sexual activity still happening and dumbass situations abound.

Of course I’m not getting completely nostalgic and having my own memories of Spring Break’s past.

I can’t help think of all the dumb shit I used to do back then and when you think about it there are some things you’re more than likely to do on Spring Break than anywhere else.

I’ve chosen five for your review

Actually Have Sex with a very hot girl or guy


This applies more to guys than girls but it all falls in line.  Fellas, if you’re gonna get in a lay on an extremely attractive girl you better put in your best effort in at Spring Break.  At no other point in your life will you have as a good a shot as you do at this time of year.  Standards are about zero and she won’t even know what you look like.  Give it your best shot.

Have sex with an incredibly ugly girl or guy

Passed Out

Well if one of true then the other has to be true.  You may think you have standards people but let’s face it, it’s Spring Break.  You just want some action and I guarantee if you don’t hook up in the first 2 days you will pretty much pick anyone out of a hat so long as you are getting laid.  At least at school you can say no, but on Spring Break?  No excuses.

Get 7 hours of total sleep and yet be completely fine

Passed Out

How the hell did I ever make it on such little sleep?  Never in my life was I able to literally sleep one hour a night and be completely fine the next day than on Spring Break.  There’s something magical about that time that I just can’t explain.

Get arrested/break the law


Obvious but it had to be mentioned.

Sing or do Karaoke

Spring Break

This kind of falls in line with overall “jackass things.”  But I feel like it’s the most common.  Every Spring Break (and I went on four) I found myself acting like a total idiot and singing at some point.  People always seem to sing on Spring Break.  I mean how often are you ever singing like a moron?  Maybe it’s just me but I feel like it’s more likely to happen on Spring Break than anywhere else.

*And remember fellas, don’t be fools, wrap your tools!


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  • Tom

    that police car is a new zealand police car.
    “always remember to blow on the pie. safer communities together”



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