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Apr 20 2010

Grandmother Arrested for Excessive Gardening

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I’ve heard many a story about police arresting people for harmless acts because they have nothing better today. Usually it’s about smoking weed, but today it’s a slightly different plant-related offense.

Sandra McFeeley is a 67 year old woman from Dallas who loves to garden. When she saw some of the plants around her neighborhood were getting out of control, she decided to take out her shears and trim them up, for which she was subsequently LOCKED UP.

“I met some neat people,” she said of her nine hours at Lew Sterrett Justice Center. “I’d never been in a perp walk before. It was cool.”

“She was going out to this greenbelt area and trimming it as she saw fit,” said Joe Ries, a city park maintenance manager. “We asked her to stop,” he said, because she didn’t have a work agreement with the city.

Yes, the woman was literally HAULED OF TO JAIL for “felonious gardening” as her neighbors put it, because the city didn’t want her to do the job it was too lazy to pay its own workers to do. The event is something of an embarrassment in Dallas now, for obvious reasons.  The city is now looking for a resolution with McFeeley to hopefully drop the charges of “property damage” and harness her “volunteer” efforts.

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