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Apr 15 2010

Fun Examples of When Athletes Sing Like Idiots

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It’s kind of like when you see pictures of celebrities going to the mall or shopping.  Some things just don’t look like they should be done.  In that same light I must bring up the topic of singing athletes.  Sure it looks funny as hell but some of these guys actually think they have good voices and that’s just not cool.

Then again when you know they’re completely acting like idiots for the sake of doing so, it’s OK.

Here, you’ll see a little bit of both.  Check out these fun examples of when athletes sing like idiots.

This Kiss by Faith Hill Sung by Dallas Celebrities

This is 100% one of the weirdest videos ever.   Tony Romo is definitely gay.

The Andy Murray Rap

Jeff Gordon Butchers Take me out to the Ballgame

You can barely even hear him.  What a joker.

Carl Lewis “Break it Up” Video

He has to be related to Jermaine Jackson.

Mike Tyson singing Monster Mash

This actually happened?  Amazing.

Deon Sanders – Must be the Money

Wow.  Willy Beamon big time.

John Daly Digs the long Ball

Doesn’t get any more redneck than this.

The Superbowl Shuffle


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