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Apr 12 2010

The Four Most Annoying Types of Female Sports Fans

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Fellas, you ever attend a sporting even with your wife or significant other?   It’s pretty brutal is it not?  There are rare exceptions but for the most part watching sports with a female is a sure fire way to ruin your experience.

Unless there are tremendous buffers like being at a party or other girls to distract your girl, you are in serious danger of not enjoying yourself if you watch sports with a female.

And just to show what I’m talking about, there are four specific types of female sports fan that you have to be on the lookout for

The Supreme/Actual Fan


This is the girl that’s actually a fan of sports.  She’s the uber sports chick and it’s actually pretty bothersome for most males.  I know it sure as hell is for me.  This is the chick that basically wants to be a boy even though she’s not a lesbian.  She knows so much about sports that it kind of makes you uncomfortable and you want her to shut the hell up.  Yeah, in a chauvinist way.  I’m sorry but I just can’t stand chicks that really, truly love sports.  It just doesn’t make sense.

The Non Sports Commenter


Oh you know these girls.   These are the girls who talk about how cute players are.  They completely distract you from anything surrounding the game.  These types aren’t all that bad if you go to a game couples style.  Then the boys can sit next to each other while the women just yack it up.  But man, if you’re stuck one on one with this girl you are in big trouble.

The Novice Question Asker


Seriously, just shut up.  Stop asking me what a home run is.  Stop asking me what a touchdown is.  Just be quiet already!

The Wannabe Fan

Sports Fans

This is a girl who somewhat aspires to be the actual fan but she really isn’t.  She’s really just trying to gain knowledge to get some respect from the fellas.  And honestly?  We’re not buying any of it.  To me?  This is what female sports reporters pretty much are.  Come on guys.  You really think Erin Andrews digs sports?  Think again.

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  • denver dude

    You forgot my most hated Girl Fan. The one who is almost violently in love with her team yet doesn’t know shit about the team.

    This usually pops up with Red Sox fans.

    The girl will yell scream and tell you that your team sucks but she still thinks that Nomar plays for them.

    Or she’ll talk shit to you about how you aren’t really a fan when you are just rooting for a team to win because the skins didn’t make the playoffs and you gotta root for someone.


    Went to watch Saints Vs. Vikings. I cheer when the Saints score. Girl starts asking me where my gear is and if hurricane Katrina washed it away.


  • Pam

    I am a true sports fan, why is your manhood threatened by that? What a bunch a sissies……

  • http://www.guysgirl.com Blythe

    Im a girl and true sports fan. I dont shove it down your throat but I will smack talk when the opportunity arises. The fact that I have a vagina shouldn’t threaten you unless your the type of guy who “pretends to be a sports fan just because your a guy”.

    bottom line, no matter the sex, if your a sports fan know your shit or shut the hell up



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