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Apr 09 2010

Five Acceptable Jobs (Other Than Sports) For The Super Tall

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Just the other day I was walking down the street and I saw a guy who was easily seven feet tall wearing a business suit.  I couldn’t help think to myself, “I guess this guy wasn’t good enough at basketball.”  Seriously.  How often do you see guys who are ridiculously tall in “the real world.”  And when you do doesn’t it just feel really strange?

Studies actually show that tall people are more successful careerwise but again, I’m not referring to six footers.  I’m talking about the real giants.  I mean you have to figure these guys wanted to be athletes at some point.  It’s very hard to picture them in fast food restaurants or on Wall Street.  It just looks out of whack.

However, there are five places where the super tall have a nice home

Guy That Plays Monsters in Movies


If you’re one of the crazy tall people out there you can have a pretty successful career landing a job as a monster or other “being” in movies.  Think about the dudes who played Chewbacca and The Predator.  No, they weren’t seven footers but they were extremely tall, imposing, and perfect for these roles.

Working at a Circus


I guess it sucks to play a freak at a circus but it’s better than saying “how may I help you?” or delivering pizza in a car where your head is always touching the ceiling.  I mean the bright side is that these guys don’t even need to use stilts.

Running a Clothing Store Catering to Tall People


If you can’t beat em, join em.  You might as well embrace your tallness by opening a store that caters to the tall folks of the world.



I’m pretty sure I’d be more intimidated by seven footer than a five footer.  Then again the little guy might be a black belt or something.  Still though, the bouncing business is usually dominated by taller people.

A Professional Reacher


These are the guys that will come into your home and get stuff off the wall for you if you can’t reach them or don’t have a ladder.  I completely made this up but it would be a cool job no?

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  • Jack

    I find this very distasteful.

    The author seems to expect tall people to have a limited range of job opportunities – bouncer, circus, movie monster – simply because of their height.

    A good test is to substitute the word “Black” or “Jewish” for the word “Tall”. It’s unacceptable to say that the only suitable job for a black guy is being a bouncer, and the same applies to tall guys.

  • Scott

    I agree with Jack.. Being 6 ft 8.. (im not jewish or black)
    I really find it sad that you think the really tall are unacceptable to work in regular jobs! Were not circus freaks or monsters!

    Im probably just at the entry point of being considered “super tall”
    and i can honestly say I have felt discriminated against because of my height. People say “You’re too tall!”.. I say for what??

    But its not politically correct to say someone is too short, too fat, too black.. or whatever. So why tall? its almost like people think we are so tall that we are void of human emotion.

    The tall are just like you.. we dont think of ourselves as any different! its only when people are constantly pointing it out that we are made to think we’re are “monsters or freaks”.

    To the author: Just because you stand under me, doesn’t mean you understand me.

  • Le Var

    well im 6ft 9in (black guy), i work in a meat plant. I work with 200 other short mexicans (not that its a problem). but yes some times it does make me feel like a freak when every single day of my life im forced to work on these small machines. im acutally happy he put these ideas up here. thank u who ever made this site……NOW where do i sign up for that movie roll :) seriously ….



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