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Apr 09 2010

Dutch Guy Sets Up Fake Mugging to Win Back His Ex

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There are many ways to win back an ex-girlfriend who has dumped you. Flowers, candy, holding a boombox over your head outside her window, but what this one Dutchman did I can’t really recommend.

The man had his friend approach his ex on the street, and demand for her purse at knifepoint. Then he swooped in like a superhero and chased the bad guy away. There was just one little problem:

“After the incident the couple reported the mugging to the police. But when police checked footage from a nearby security camera, they found the two men had been walking down the same street together moments before the robbery took place.”

Annnd understandably, the ex-gf wants nothing to do with him now, and the police are considering whether or not to press charges, but really, I think the man’s own idiocy should be punishment enough.

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