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Apr 08 2010

10 Modern Sexy Characters From Cartoons

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Modern Princesses

For all of us out there who have ever read a children’s book or have seen a Disney movie, we’re all familiar with where all these world take us.  They take us to a time of fairy tales; when handsome princes, dragons, and monsters ruled the world.  They are worlds that we will never know but worlds that we wish we could be in for only a moment.

But for us guys,  it is the sexy princesses who steal the show and win our hearts.  I mean honestly fellas, you can’t tell me that when you watch a Disney flick that the likes of Ariel, Snow White, or Cinderella don’t get those juices flowing.  And it’s not like animators don’t know this.

So what if these sexy mavens turned modern and turned real?  What would they look like?

Here are 10 great examples


Modern Princesses

Princess Jasmine

Modern Princesses

Little Red Riding Hood

Modern Princesses


Modern Princesses


Modern Princesses

Snow White

Modern Princesses

 Jessica Rabbit

Modern Princesses


Modern Princesses


Modern Princesses

Jasmine (from Aladdin)

Modern Princesses

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