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Apr 07 2010

Four Things You Got Away With in College That You’d Have a Tough Time Pulling Off Now

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If you can’t tell by now I desperately miss the college life.  After all it’s a world like none other.  Your responsibility is basically zero.  Most of us lived off our parents money, and we basically did whatever we wanted for four years with the occasional test or paper to worry about.

Amongst all this zero responsibility lied some amazing experiences.  Usually those experiences entailed sex, drugs, and breaking the law.  Clearly things that you just can’t get away with now in the real world.

There were four things in particular that I remember doing quite easily in college that I just can’t do now

Circle Dating


Let’s face it.  We’ve all known someone who has had sex with at least 5 members of the same fraternity or sorority.  In today’s world?  Are you really in such an easy position to have sex with every friend in a giant circle?  Unless you’re a swinger or are in the porn industry, these scenarios are highly unlikely.  And let’s add a caveat.  There’s TONS of friend sharing in college too.  Me and my buddy Shae hooked up with at least 10 of the same girls.  Man that makes for funny stories.

Breaking the Law


Granted if a crime is severe someone will probably get arrested.  However I can recall cases where drugs were found, people were fighting, glass broken, giant pumpkins being thrown out the window, graffiti in the bathrooms, and a whole host more incidents and there were zero consequences.  You just can’t pull off breaking the law quite like you used to while on campus.

Not Showing Up To Class


How often can you essentially never show up to something and yet take a final and pass an entire class?  If we equate it to today’s standards that’s like not showing up to work 80% of the time and just being there for the annual reports and stockholder’s meeting.

An Entire Night Costing Less than 20 Bucks


“50 cent night.”  “Penny Pitchers.”  “Ladies night.”  It’s not that these things don’t exist in bars across America but how often do you really find yourself attending these nights during the week?  Honestly there will never be another time in my life where I can have a 20 dollar bill in my pocket, get completely trashed and have 5 bucks left over.

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  • mike

    you say you live in nyc. try The Bravest on 38th and 2nd. You can get pretty hammered in that place for 20 bucks.



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