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Apr 01 2010

She’s Uncoachable: Czech Model Kathy Lee is Wow

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Kathy Lee

I just want to say that doing a search for this particular Kathy Lee was a royal pain in the ass.  First of all I did nothing but run into pictures of Kathy Lee Gifford.  Second of all, since the blonde Kathy Lee is a nude model and Czech playmate it was close to impossible to find any photos of her where she wasn’t nude.

Wait a second.  I just realized that I was complaining about too much nudity.  Clearly that tells me it’s time for a session in the old bathroom to clear the pipes.  My head is not on straight at all.  Like, not even close.

But enjoy these Kathy Lee pics after the jump

Kathy Lee Kathy Lee Kathy Lee Kathy Lee Kathy Lee Kathy Lee Kathy Lee Kathy Lee

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