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Mar 23 2010

The Best of the Worst Fighting Scenes Ever

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Most movies make fighting scenes with the intention of being pretty badass.  I mean unless you have a complete parody fight scene it’s safe to assume that filmmakers are trying pretty hard to create the illusion of a major fight.

For whatever reason be it the director is on crack, drunk, or hallucinogenics they completely miss the mark.  And those “badass” scenes become unintentionally funny.

I’ve selected eight such scene and they are entertaining to say the least.

Best Fight Scene Ever

This is probably the most legendary classic of our generation.

Adhisaya Piravi

This is considered one of the best Indian movies ever.

Another Crazy Indian Scene

The dubbing!

Star Trek

We all know how bad this is and every time I see it I have to laugh

The Blue Outfit Guy!

Is this 70s porn music?

Ricky vs Silly Lung

Don’t mess with a fat dude who wants rice.

Return of the Street Fighter

The mountain doesn’t help matters much.

This is Amazing

Who the hell are these chicks and when was this made?

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  • Gill Avila

    The black-and-white film with the bad-ass girl kicking the guy in the ugly shorts is Russ Meyer’s 1965 classic “Faster Pussycat, Kill,Kill” with Tura Satana as the bad-ass broad.

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