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Mar 15 2010

I Don’t Care How Hot Shakira Is, This Sucks

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Is this really what sells today musically?  Guys like Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix have to be rolling over in their graves knowing this is the kind of crap people listen to today.

Sure Shakira is hot but I swear to God 10 seconds in I wanted to hit my screen.

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  • http://guyism.com DCScrap

    You forgot the part where you tell the kids to get off your lawn.

  • http://www.joe.to joe

    i’m not a fan of pop but i liked it.

    it had an interesting mix of dance styles
    a compelling chorus (“you can have anything you want in the world” – i don’t think i’ve heard that message in a popular song before)
    creative visuals – the hindu goddess on the water outside the city at nighttime with the meteors was neat to look at

    it’s not high culture but it’s better than a lot of the shit you hear on the radio

  • http://metanblog.blog.hu besucher

    This video is simply boring.

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  • AVBC

    Wow, She looks so happy to be there shaken’ it. I here crap like this and i wonder where taste has gone or who killed it. I Have to say that Joplin would kick some over this( she was all for love peace and no war) So Yeah. I really hope that this does not hurt what little brain cells that Americans have. Cuz this is sad and bad and wow rant anyone. Tanks



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