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Mar 12 2010

A Dog is an Orangutan’s Best Friend

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Dog and Monkey

Man I love true stories like this but before I begin I need to understand the spelling of the word “Orangutan.”  Why isn’t there a “g” at the end?  It’s just something I need to know.  In any event we as humans could learn a little thing or two from these characters.   This is based on a true story which goes a little like this:

Suryia and Roscoe live at the Tigers sanctuary in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The orangutan was in the rescue center and was not doing well. This old hound wandered in, truly emaciated, and the orangutan took to him the moment the dog arrived. He stayed with the hound night and day until he was well and during the process found a reason to live. They are now inseparable.

Honestly have you ever seen a human story like this?  Like what if it were a black person and a white person?  Would the black or white person take to the other if they were ill?   Sometimes the most basic animal instincts serve the species best.  We could only hope to have this kind of compassion in our lives.

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Dog and Monkey

Dog and Monkey

Dog and Monkey

Dog and Monkey

Dog and Monkey

Dog and Monkey

Dog and Monkey

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