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Mar 06 2010

Sexy Saturday: Kristen Renee Seems Like a Fun Night

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Kristen Renee

I don’t know Kristen Renee from a hole in the wall but I can tell you some things about her.   Or put it this way.  I think I can deduce some things about her based on her pictures.

Kristen is an aspiring glamour model and without makeup doesn’t look all that great.  But put her into some skimpy lingerie, slutty make up and you’ve got yourself one fine product.  In fact she’d be a perfect addition to a Jersey Shore type of an operation.  Bottom line is that I think this girl tries very very hard to be noticed and by talking down to her one could easily bag her in a bar.

Nothing like exploiting a girls confidence or lack thereof to get laid.  Wow, I was pretty harsh this article.  Kristen, you’re hot, and I love you.

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Kristen Renee Kristen Renee Kristen Renee Kristen Renee Kristen Renee Kristen Renee Kristen Renee Kristen Renee

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  • http://www.puppyjuice.com PuppyJuice

    Kristen would be fun any night of the week.



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