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Mar 05 2010

How the Average American Man Spends His Day

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Average ManHave you ever wondered how most dudes spend their days?  Well, Esquire wondered so much that they managed to put together an entire infographic on the subject.   It’s as good a subject as any and I for one was enlightened by the results.

Did you know that guys sleep nearly twice as much as they work? And watch TV ten times longer than they care for children? Turns out that when you crunch the numbers on the freshest government data, you begin to discover how our complacency got us into this whole economic mess in the first place

With these kinds of facts in place I’m curious if America will ever get its ass in gear.  That was kind of a bullshit thought as I think we all know that will never happen.  And what with sex robots now taking the center stage, men are pretty much doomed.

But here are some interesting facts on how the average man spends his day

I particularly enjoy the “helping others” graphic and only 12 minutes on “other activities.”  Come on man.  We spend more than 12 minutes masturbating.  Get your facts straight America.

Average Man

Average Man

Average Man

Average Man

Average Man

Average Man

Average Man

Average Man

Average Man

Average Man

Average Man

Average Man

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5 responses so far

  • http://goodstuff4u.multiply.com/photos/album/19/HOT_CHICKS_AND_NSFW_BLOGROLL GOODSTUFF

    I guess I am not average

    the “working” stats got me thinking too much

  • Average Joe

    Flawed, they forgot poop time. I spend at least 35-45 minutes dropping the kids off at the pool each day.

  • Unaverage Man

    Looks like they found some of the laziest men on the planet to survery. I couldn’t find a single match that was even in the same ballpark as my day.

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  • safcxz

    Don’t forget that putting together this statistic is considered as ‘work time’. What will the numbers be like if we discriminated between work as in paid employment and true value creation.



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