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Mar 02 2010

Five “Legal” Reasons Why Men Are Allowed to Watch Figure Skating

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Figure Skating

This year’s Winter Olympics brought us tons of drama, plenty of side stories and most importantly entertainment and comradery.   I was actually shocked to find out there wasn’t one case of steroid use, not one.   So all in all it was definitely a success.

And as usual one of the biggest events in the entire Olympic experience was figure skating.  I’m not afraid to admit that I like to watch figure skating.  And yes, even the men’s events.  You might think I’m a little girl because of this but I’m quite secure enough in my manhood to admit this.

But just in case I need to defend myself there are 5 reasons that will make men feel 100% secure when watching figure skating

The Insane Outfits


Oh and I’m not just referring to the ladies either.  Have you seen some of the stuff the guys wear?  If anything it’s pretty entertaining.  But let’s not kid ourselves.  The females and those short skirts will always be a big draw.

The Funny Faces

Figure Skating Face

As with any sport figure skating comes with a ton of effort and exertion.  Result? Ridiculous faces like you see above.

The Sheer Athleticism

I don’t care if you’re a male or a female.  To be able to twist in the air with 4 rotations off skates mind you, is pretty damned impressive.   Not to mention being able to hold a woman by her crotch with one hand, lift her over your head and skate across the ice with perfect balance.

The Sexual Position Game

Figure Skating

Do we need any explanation after this picture?


Figure Skating Fail

Let’s face it.  We might watch figure skating for all of the above factors but it’s always awesome when someone falls (as long as they’re not hurt).

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