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Mar 31 2010

Great Celebrity Candids Lead the P.M. Portfolio

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Kim Kardashian

Click on the photo for more pictures like this

For the record the entire set of pictures that come attached to the photo above are what I believe to be one of the best Kim Kardashian sets of all time.  Now that she’s single again, it means nothing because I will never have sex with her.  Dammit.

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Mar 31 2010

Massive Flour Fight in Spain

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Flour Fight

It took place during the carnival in Spain’s north-western village of Laza, and I’m sure all the participants had a blast.  May I just interject here and express my dismay at the US?  Look, we have some decent stuff.  We do No Pants Subway rides (which was adopted from Canada).  We have crazy spring breaks and wacko concerts in deserts.  I’ll give us that.

But do we ever do weird Europe stuff like this?  And I’m referring to crazy messy stuff.  Like giant tomato fights, and a holiday where the town puts a ham on a greasy pole and the first person who can get it down wins.  Like, do we have that stuff here?

If there’s anything like this, please email me or comment in this article.  I really want to get a running list of interesting stuff the USA does.  Because for now all we have are flour fight pictures from Spain (which are good in their own right).

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Mar 31 2010

I Can’t Believe How Much I Miss the Early 90s

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Since my wife watches re-runs of Beverly Hills 90210 every single day I’m constantly reminded by the early 90s.  And you know something?  They were awesome.  I wish I could get away with hairstyles and clothing like this in today’s world.  Man that would be perfect.

And the music?  You can’t mess with guys like Digital Playground and the weird sounds of Jesus Jones.  It’s amazing because seeing this video actually looks like an 80s video.

Man I’m getting old.  By the way, the brunette at minute 4:25 is very bangable.

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Mar 31 2010

She’s Uncoachable: It’s Been Way Too Long Since Posting Erika Medina

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Erika Medina

That I haven’t posted Erika Medina in over a year is a crying shame.   For those of you who might remember, Erika was a candidate to be “America’s Smartest Model.”  I don’t think she won but I don’t think that’s what I was thinking about either.

She’s been featured in FHM, HIN, and most of the magazines that you know.  Bottom line is that I think she’s one of the hottest females I’ve ever posted on this site and I’m pleased to be posting her again.

Why she isn’t more famous is beyond me.  Let’s hope that changes.

More of Erika after the jump

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Mar 31 2010

A Little Help Please?

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At the current time President Obama seems to have an awful lot on his plate.  After only one year as President he’s trying to temper the country given our economic situation.  He’s in the midst of one of the biggest healthcare reforms in our country’s history.  And he’s also making huge inroads with Pakistan.

Does the guy really need to help old Indian dudes with headdresses right now?  Clearly his facial expression says “no.”

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Mar 31 2010

100% Totally Got What he Deserved

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This is what happens when a dumbass redneck decides to videotape himself doing a simple burnout with his badass Dodge Truck.   Luckily he came out with no injuries but if this guy broke 100 limbs I wouldn’t even remotely care.

What an idiot.

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Mar 31 2010

Ain’t Nothing Wrong with a Full Figured Gal

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Full Figured Girls

I wonder how much of a dick I’m going to come off as after I write this.   First off I want to say that I don’t have a problem with full figured girls.   But as with anything else you kind of have to take it in moderation.  Without being too skeptical I think there are a couple of factors that come into play that warrant my attraction to full figured gal.  Those are a great face and “compensatory” factors.

I don’t care if a girl is carrying some extra weight (within reason) if her face is amazing.  After all you gotta look at that face more than anything else.  Second.  Let’s face it.   Compensatory factors means bust.  Period.  If the cups can’t keep up with the weight then you have yourself a flat chested gal who is overweight on your hands.  Look, I’m just telling it like it is.  Think Anna Nicole Smith in her prime.  She’s the ultimate example.  Face AND compensatory factors.

The women below fit one of my two criteria.  You can either love it or leave it.

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Mar 31 2010

The Various Types of Crappy Handshakes

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Ever run into someone you know that you haven’t seen for a while and gotten completely stuck in a weird greeting?  Like if it’s someone from the opposite sex you’re not sure if you kiss them on the cheek.  If it’s someone of the same sex what kind of a grip do you give?  Tough?  Weak?  Stale fish?

There are just so many variables that we don’t really take into account that will affect the outcome of that greeting.  Luckily for us the work has kind of been done by a site called The Oatmeal.

They’ve charted 9 different types of awkward handshakes and I’ve decided to add my thoughts

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Mar 31 2010

Wednesday’s Wash: The Wrong Things to Get Laid, Sexy Sorority Girls, and a Fellated Flowchart

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Click the photo for 6 of the wrong things men do to try to get laid

Attracting a woman can be so easy you don’t even realize you’re doing it. Of course, most of the methods are totally outside of your control and can only be done on accident. Unfortunately, it turns out there are just as many things you’re doing to repel women, again without even knowing it.

Thing you can control at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Wash

The hottest sorority girls you’ll see all day – [Onequickbeer]

I’m getting a blowjob, can I fart? (Infographic) – [Regretfulmorning]

Nicole Graves is the pornstar of the week – [Brobible]

If you need a fix of celebrity “slips” – [Taxidrivermovie](NSFW Ads)

Ten things you didn’t know about Starbucks – [Mentalfloss]

If you need your fix of sexy geek things – [Majorgeeks]

A collection of celebrity sideboobs – [Cityrag]

Women are now getting waxed just for amusement – [Guyism]

Kid’s Scarface School Play is beyond insane – [Asylum]

The country posted most about….Japan – [Attuworld]

Heidi Montag wants to show her boobs in 3D – [Flisted]

Being funny in five seconds is not easy – [Atom]

The top ten hottest reality TV babes – [NS4W]

20 famous athlete yearbook photos – [Manofest]

Tailor James is a model and playmate you’ll enjoy – [Nextround]

Mom goes insane about her TV settings – [Totally Crap]

An amazing collection of amateur hotties – [Spewf]

Texas Tech Cheerleaders will never get old – [Unathletic]

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Mar 30 2010

Bikini Carwash Season Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more bikini carwash girls

Spring is just around the corner which means it is time for girls to bring the bikinis out of storage and start washing cars.  And I suppose in addition to that they can start funneling beer and playing strip softball.  Yes, strip softball.

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