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Feb 26 2010

Pornstars Dressing in Civilian Garbs and Wearing Less Make Up

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I’m not sure if you’re like me but as I’ve gotten older my standards for amazingly hot women in porn have gone down considerably.  Perhaps it’s when you’re married, or perhaps it’s when you realize that we’re all basically the same when we’re under those sheets.  For whatever the reason, I think what gets me going is the dirtiness.

It’s not necessarily the fact that these women are so hot.  In fact, I will argue that most any average woman can be a turn on in a skin flick if given the right costume, make up, and willingness to do things you don’t normally see.   It’s reality.  That’s why there are markets for so many wacky fetishes out there.  Hot doesn’t always mean sexy or “get off” material.

And what happens when you take these pornstars and release them from their roles and fantasy?  You get normal looking chicks.

Here are some prime examples from names you might know

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Feb 26 2010

15 Awesome Fan Pictures At This Year’s Olympics

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Olympic Fans

Usually when you think crazy fans you think sports like Football, Hockey or Soccer (in Europe).  In these particular sports fans go absolutely nuts and dress as such.  I mean from literally wearing armor to wearing practically nothing at all, we’ve got some real dedication (and psychos) out there.

But who would have though that the likes of Curling, Figure Skating, Bobsledding, or even Cross Country skiing would bring out the crazy fan in all of us.  Maybe it’s that Vancouver air or maybe it’s just the thought of cheering on fellow countrymen.

Whatever the case, here are 15 awesome fan pictures at the Vancouver Olympics

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Feb 26 2010

Friday’s Funbag: The Guidette Kissy Face, Older Women Tips, and Terrible Self Help Info

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Click on the photo for more examples of the female kissy face

This is a gallery that basically makes fun of people who do that retarded duck face, but I also want to know from ladies why they do this.  Girls, don’t be shy, this is a safe place.  Why do you make this face?

Much better faces made at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Funbag

What you need to know before dating older women – [COED Magazine]

The 25 least helpful self-help books out there – [Cracked]

The best viral video footage of the week – [Linkiest]

For the latest and greatest celebrity “slips” – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

Some of the craziest Olympic fans out there – [Funtasticus]

A cute blond chick vs. the high jump ends badly – [Gorillamask]

The weirdest picture of tan people all week – [Attuworld]

The birthday dog gets the BJ of the day – [The DW]

Katherine Monsalve is a whole lotta woman – [Flisted]

Unfortunate city and town names that you’ll enjoy – [Manofest]

15 Things you should know about boobies – [Sublime Blog]

For the hottest ladies of the week go here – [Takeareport]

The New York Giants’ sexiest superfan – [Bleacherreport]

If you’re looking for sexy bunnies don’t go further – [Holytaco]

Brittany is the local smokeshow of the day – [Barstool Sports]

If you truly want to get ripped then here’s how – [Bullzeye]

Hottest Reporter ever tries out MMA – [Flabber]

Madison Welch is “busting” onto the scene – [Nextround]

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Feb 25 2010

Miss Howard TV’s Sashalee Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for the video of Sashalee

This picture does no justice to Sashalee.  She’s currently Miss February 2009 for Howard TV and is an actress and model.   And funny enough she was discovered by a photographer while winning the New York pre-teen beauty pageant.  Isn’t that nice?  Yay!

Less Preteens and more of age girls at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Portfolio

Kimberly Workout Scary Ayanna Bar Hotties Hilary Jess

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Feb 25 2010

There’s Body Painting and Then There’s Body Painting

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Body Art

Normally when I see body paint I’m used to seeing the “hot chick” variety.  You know, naked girls with logos of sports teams or sexy Playboy girls hosting one of Hef’s fun events, that kind of body paint.  But not Craig Tracy.

Craig is known for creating eye-deceiving works of body paintings.   Some of his work is human only whereas some of his paintings include a backdrop to create a certain kind of depth perception.

In any event, it’s not your usual body paint and I must admit some of these are pretty cool.

Check out Craig Tracy’s body art after the jump

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Feb 25 2010

A Reminder of How Funny Jim Carrey Used to Be

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I don’t blame Jim Carrey for taking on more serious roles and winding up in movies where he’s supposed to be funny but isn’t at all.  I guess we all need to make a living.  Look, Adam Sandler is doing the same thing.  Botton line, you can’t be Ace Ventura forever.

But man was he hilarious on “In Living Color.”

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Feb 25 2010

She’s Uncoachable: Ani Lorak is My Favorite Russian Singer

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Ani Lorak

For those that don’t know her, Ani Lorak is a Ukranian pop singer.  In addition to her singing she has many of the assets that us men usually covet.  But if you’d like to know a tad about her, here’s a short excerpt.

She appeared to be a strong front-runner to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions, but ultimately failed to be selected. Her narrow defeat in the 2005 national pre-selection competition was particularly controversial, given that the winners GreenJolly had, unlike her, not had to qualify for the final by winning one of the fifteen preliminary heats.

Yeah well something tells me that Ani probably had the last laugh over GreenJolly.  Yes, these guys are a Ukranian rap act and aren’t quite as attractive as Ani here.    Anyway, I like Ani.  I know you’ll like Ani.

And here’s more Ani after the jump

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Feb 25 2010

One of the Benefits of Couples Ice Skating

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Ice Skating

Everything OK in there?  Good

I’m a male.  I do male things.  I consider myself to be somewhat masculine but for the life of me I really like figure skating.  Why the hell is that?  Rather than fight it I guess I have to find justifying reasons for this obsession.  One of those reasons is right above.

I just think being a male figure skater who isn’t gay has got to be one of the best professions in the world.   Scratch that, if you’re gay it’s awesome too.  You get the cream of the crop in terms of partners.

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Feb 25 2010

The Best Willy Wonka Mix You’ll Hear All Day

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First of all the amazingness of Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka can’t even be calculated so any footage of this movie rules (I’m still upset and will always be upset that they even attempted an remake if that’s what you call it).

Second of all.  Well, there is no second of all.  Check out this fine mix.

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Feb 25 2010

Party Girls from Holland Can Pretty Much…Party

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Holland Girls

I mean let’s face it team, Holland is home to Amsterdam so you’ve gotta figure that there’s some serious partying is going on over there.  In fact, I think this should be some kind of running feature on this site.  I just wish I could give you guys the full report with my own camera.

It’d be nice to travel around the world, expense the trip on my own company, put the pics on the site, report about it, and then profit from that.  Wait a second.  What in the hell am I still doing here?  Seriously though, I’ll do my best to find party girls from as many countries as I can without actually having to travel to these places (sigh).

As I said before, Holland is home to some fun clubs and its fair of hot chicks.   I’ve managed to find pictures from a few different clubs and the girls will not let you down…

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