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Feb 26 2010

Pornstars Dressing in Civilian Garbs and Wearing Less Make Up

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I’m not sure if you’re like me but as I’ve gotten older my standards for amazingly hot women in porn have gone down considerably.  Perhaps it’s when you’re married, or perhaps it’s when you realize that we’re all basically the same when we’re under those sheets.  For whatever the reason, I think what gets me going is the dirtiness.

It’s not necessarily the fact that these women are so hot.  In fact, I will argue that most any average woman can be a turn on in a skin flick if given the right costume, make up, and willingness to do things you don’t normally see.   It’s reality.  That’s why there are markets for so many wacky fetishes out there.  Hot doesn’t always mean sexy or “get off” material.

And what happens when you take these pornstars and release them from their roles and fantasy?  You get normal looking chicks.

Here are some prime examples from names you might know

Bella Donna

Dressed Pornstars

Christy Canyon

Dressed Pornstars

Gina Lyn

Dressed Pornstars

Ginger Lynn

Dressed Pornstars

Janine Lindemoulder

Dressed Pornstars

Jenna Jameson

Dressed Pornstars

Jesse Jane

Dressed Pornstars

Kira Kerner

Dressed Pornstars

Mari Possa

Dressed Pornstars

May Su

Dressed Pornstars

Nina Hartley

Dressed Pornstars

Reina Leone

Dressed Pornstars

Savannah Sampson

Dressed Pornstars


Dressed Pornstars

Tera Patrick


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  • Big Danny T

    These are all from a book called “XXX: 30 porn Star Portraits.” the book would feature the star wearing their clothes on one page, and on the opposite page, they’d be in the same position, but sans clothing. Neat little concept.

  • Rick

    Wow, most of them just look like grouchy old nasty bitches…especially Nina Hartley.

  • Anonymous by design

    Egads, I see more attractive women on the average trip to the local big-box supermarket. Reality 1, Porn Industry 0 …

  • Mico Livingston-Beale

    Please remove the photographs from your site that are copyright protected…they are by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and you do not have permission to put them on your site.
    Please contact me immediately to discuss this.
    Had you asked for permission and put a proper photo credit, web address etc, Timothy would probably have allowed some usage.
    Mico for Timothy

  • Amanda

    Nina Hartley looks like Jerri Blank.

  • Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

    I gave him my blessings to use these photos.

  • Enquido

    Ha! Take that Mico Livingston-Beale! Maybe next time you should drink a big ole glass of STFU before you get all Buzzkill Lawyer Douchey. Stoopid Mico Livingston-Beale. You stink.

  • http://socalglamourgirls.com/news Tony

    Some of them like Savannah & Tera still look hot…. but other not so much!



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