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Feb 25 2010

A Collection of Really Bad Ski Crashes

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Ski Crash

As time has gone on I’ve become more and more interested in this year’s Winter Olympics.  I feel like they started off a bit slow.  I’m not quite sure how to pinpoint it but the games just seem to be picking up in recent days.

Perhaps it’s that Bode Miller is making headlines.  Maybe it’s the fact that this Plushenko guy is whining like a little girl and this Evan dude isn’t gay and is dating a gymnast.  Whatever it is I’m glad that I’m watching and interested in these games.

Another interesting part?  Clearly it’s the foul ups.  When a skater falls, or a skier crashes it’s something to see.  Obviously you want these people to be fine physically but damned if it doesn’t open your eyes.

In that light here are 8 videos of some brutal ski crashes

Ski Racer Almost Dies

Right throw the protective wall and into the forest.  This one is pretty bad.

Too Much Air

Check out how he lands sideways.   Not Good.

XGames Crash

Here’s another one where there was too much air.  Crazy.

Bad Mogul Crashes

I can’t watch the knees.  So much bending.

Ski Jump Accident

These are always brutal.  The announcer felt it too.

Another Ski Jumper


Aerial Ski Crash

I think this happened in practice at Torino.  Wow.

Top 30 Ski Wipeouts

Nice compilation here

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