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Feb 24 2010

2010 AVN Awards Had Some Lovely Ladies Didn’t It?

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AVN Awards

Every year it happens in January and every year I don’t have the balls to buy a ticket.  I, like many men out there have a fond relationship with porn.  It’s like it’s own life force if you will.   I am happy with porn.  I am angry with porn.  I 100% have a relationship with porn despite having never met a female pornstar.

Notice I said female.  When I was in college I went to a Dennis Rodman birthday party thing at this club called the Redroom.  And what did I wind up doing?  I hung out with Mr. Marcus the entire time.  This is a true story.  I still have the guy’s business card to this day.  On it read “Need Something?”  That guy is the man.  He’s also like 5 feet tall, a nice guy and he bought me at least 10 shots.

Ah college.  What a grand time.  Sorry guys.  I’m off the point.  Porn Stars.  That’s right.

Here are some great ones who were at this year’s AVN Awards

Thanks to Timothy Greenfield Sanders for these.

AVN Awards

I mean even she’s laughing at this.  Imagine this woman being your wife.  I can’t.  Seriously, like I really can’t.  Is it me or does she have a little Eva Mendes in her face?  Right?  Right?

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AVN Awards AVN Awards AVN Awards AVN Awards AVN Awards AVN Awards AVN Awards AVN Awards AVN Awards AVN Awards AVN Awards AVN Awards AVN Awards

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5 responses so far

  • manolo

    uhm, i know some of them like tori black and jenna haze, but sorry to be a sleaze but who are the others? we need names damn it!

  • Natty

    It’s not being sleazy Manolo. Porn Rules. The only one you need to know is Lisa Ann. She kicks ass.

  • lonelysoldier

    Taylor stevens is the one in the red corset that he says looks like eva mendez

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