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Feb 16 2010

Subway Douchery Is One of the Best New Sites I’ve Seen

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Subway Douchebag

This one is gonna resonate with all the New Yorkers out there.  Well I guess anyone that rides the subway can appreciate this.  I’m pleased to say I now currently work from home but I like many New York folk was a subway commuter for the better half of 5 years.   And let me just tell you folks that I’ve seen it all.

From people peeing, to annoying singers, weird smells, aggravating crowds, public displays of affection, you name it.    I still think the subway is by far one of the best modes of transportation out there but that doesn’t mean I or you have to enjoy it.

Which is why I’m glad the site Subway Douchery is here.  This guy knows exactly how I felt when I was on the subway and he’s got photo proof of some great examples of subway douchery.

Here are 10 you might enjoy

Douchebag Hippie Singers

Subway Douchebag

 Gross P.D.A. Yuck

Subway Douchebag

 Really Dickhead?  You had to bring that down here?

Subway Douchebag

What in God’s name is that?

Subway Douchebag

How about giving us space miss thing?

Subway Douchebag

 I just hate this guy, period

Subway Douchebag

Really?  Holding it with your hand is enough pal.  

Subway Douchebag

How about getting out of the way?

Subway Douchebag

These girls are ready to party…and annoy you

Subway Douchebag

Thanks for the seat asshole

Subway Douchebag

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

2 responses so far

  • http://spikeghost.deviantart.com/ Spike Ghost

    Seriously i never touch Subway poles with my hands. these things are covered in feces, sperm and other disgusting things like that… no thanks… Good thing in montreal the poles are like triple so more people can hang on to it

  • Natty

    100% agreed Spike.



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