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Feb 15 2010

10 Funny Foreign Insurance Commercials

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I guess you could say I respect companies like Geico and Progressive for coming up with some creative insurance campaigns.  I must admit I kind of like the “caveman can do it” stuff but overall I’m not a huge fan of anything else.  The Progressive girl who says “discount!” couldn’t be any more annoying if she tried.   Also, the new “is Ed Too Tall Jones tall?” stuff from Geico really irritates me.

Insurance is and should be funny.  We should embrace the fact that unforeseen things happen in our lives.  After all, that’s what insurance is for.  So why not exploit these occurrences in commercials?  We as Americans don’t tend to so.

But our European and Asian friends definitely do.  Check out these funny foreign insurance commercials.

Bangkok Insurance


Some Foreign Company Centraal Beheer

This is awesome.  Love the concept here.

Another Central Beheer Commercial

This guys know their stuff.

HDI Insurance

Zee Germans

Awesome Adam and Eve Banned Commercial

Yeah sure it makes fun of gays but so do sitcoms.  This is a good commercial.

Failed Dress

Short.  Cute.  Clever.

Dial Direct – South Africa

“Sorry about the fart.”  That kid is awesome

Czech Insurance Commercial

It’s funny when the guy screams.

Sexy Nurse German Ad

Animation can be good sometimes.

SBI Life

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