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Feb 10 2010

A Day in the Internet

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Remember the first time you ever went on the Internet?  I do.  It was pretty damned amazing.  It was 1994 and I was in the high school computer room.   I’ll never forget waiting the 75 minutes it took to download that picture of the naked lady on the 14.4K modem.  It changed masturbating for the entirety of my life.  Damn you internet.  Damn you to hell.

I’ll also never forget having my first AIM conversation on the actual America Online site and thinking that strange 16-year-old girl wanted to have sex with me too.   And how awesome was the “you’ve got mail!” prompt.

Boy how things have evolved since that time.  Nowadays if my page doesn’t load in less than .1 seconds I’m a whining lunatic.

Check out some of the things that happen in only one day on the internet after the jump (it’s really astounding)

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Day in the Internet


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