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Feb 28 2010

Sports Sunday: Yup, These are Hockey Fans

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What the hell is a mush?

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Feb 27 2010

Sexy Saturday: Rebecca Grant is one of the Hotter Girls in Sports Television

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Rebecca Grant

You’ve got Erin Andrews and I’m not sure she be unseated as the queen of hotties when it comes to ladies in sports broadcasting.  But amongst the field that competes with Andrews, Rebecca Grant is climbing the ladder.

Grant has done double time as reporter for clashing bits of iron in TNN’s Robot Wars and host of gridiron clashes in FOX’s NFL Under the Helmet. Aside from her sports work and experience as a reporter in recent Super Bowls, she can be seen in ads for Budweiser.

Oh and she can also be seen in Maxim, FHM, and a whole host of other suggestive magazines where Rebecca is wearing very little clothing. So she’s got that going for her, which is nice.

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Feb 27 2010

The Weekend Wash: Prince Filip Gets Busted, The Sexiest Vegetarian, and Kate French

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Click on the photo to see the blond’s reaction

Belgian Prince Filip, heir to the throne, has the privilege to park his royal and lazy ass next to a hot blond at a reception.  Will she get pissed or will she be flattered?  Damn she’s hot.

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The Wash

A Republican might be the sexiest vegetarian next door – [Linkiest]

Kate French knows how to make me say “ooh la la” – [Maxim]

The hottest Olympic consolation prize out there – [Bustedcoverage]

Which film director would win a fight to the death? – [Doubleviking]

Elizabeth Hurley is poking through that shirt – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

Alicia Whitten is physical proof there is a God – [COED Magazine]

If Barack Obama spoke in blaxploitation quotes – [Holytaco]

Bianca Gascoigne needs to show off more – [DJ Mick]

Six terrible things that your body does every day – [Cracked]

The 10 best offseason MLB facial beards and scrub – [Brobible]

The worst head coaching jobs in college football – [Bleacherreport]

Never seen before Kurt Kobain’s final performance – [Attuworld]

Blake Lively showing off the legs at Gossip Girl – [NS4W]

Female Products that make you feel glad you’re a guy – [Guyism]

I take Viagra for the side effects – [Sublime Blog]

This resort name is a big time fail – [Manofest]

Ten actors who completely ruined movies – [Heavy]

This is by far the hottest maid in all of Canada – [Totalprosports]

What the hell is the modern museum of Tweets – [Asylum]

A huge compilation of pictures of Sasha Singleton – [Asylum]

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Feb 26 2010

Hotties in the Wild Lead the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more hotties in the wild

Another weekend is upon us gents.  You know what that means.  You can either kill or be killed.  Will you have the balls to go up to these girls and be a man about it?  Or will you just sit there with beer in hand talking shit with your friend about how you could if you wanted to?

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 The Portfolio

Sugden Janessa Yanina Monica Bianca Hummer Girls Piek Clancy

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Feb 26 2010

The Underground Tunnels of Las Vegas are Inhabited

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Underground Vegas

I understand that there’s a homeless problem in this country.  And I also understand that it may get worse during these tough economic times.  But I honestly had no idea that people were living underground like in the movie Demolition Man.

At least here in NYC it’s obvious when you can spot someone sleeping on the street.  But man, I feel bad that people actually venture down beneath cities, like in Vegas.

Look, I know it’s better than living on the street but it’s tough to take.  Reminds me of the creepiness that I saw in the movie Candyman.

Check out the underground dwellings of Vegas after the jump

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Feb 26 2010

4 Seconds Guaranteed to Make you Laugh

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those Golden Globe awards in Jan?  How Golden is this moment?

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Feb 26 2010

She’s Uncoachable: I’m Not Really Sure What Alie Layus Is

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Alie Layus

I think Alie Layus is some kind of model or something.  I also know that Alie has some Asian in her.   In fact when I type her name into Google I see “top Asian models” a lot.   And then there’s the whole suicide girl look she’s got going on.  I thoroughly enjoy that.

Seriously, how often do you see Asian women that are leathery and tattooish?  I feel like it’s either nice girl or porn star and almost nothing in between.  So seeing an Alie Layus gives me a sense of hope.  Perhaps a sense of hope that I’ve never had in my life.

Good God I have absolutely nothing to write at this moment.  But at least Alie is hot.

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Feb 26 2010

Don’t Knock It Until You’ve Tried It

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Doggy Style

The sad thing about this photo is that this girl is kind of hot.  I mean do women really think that this position is degrading?  Why?  Not that I’ve had tons of women but I can honestly say that 75% of more have all said that doggy style is one of their favorite positions.

It has zero to do with degradation.  It just feels good.  So come on cute blond.  Relax.

*P.S. if it’s degrading I have to admit I like it better

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