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Jan 29 2010

10 Sexy Foreign Talkshow Leg Moments

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It’s no secret that I’m a way bigger fan of daytime network television in other countries as opposed to this country.  Reason?  Um, it’s kind of obvious.  I mean  if I’m willing to say I like a program where I can’t understand one word better than a program in which I unfortunately understand every single thing, it obviously has to do with women.

Foreign networks just get it.  They use sex in every thing imaginable.  Even if the show is about domestic abuse there will be some hot chick with great legs somewhere doing something on that show.

Speaking of legs.  Just check out these leg moments in foreign talk shows.  I mean face it, other countries rule.

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Jan 29 2010

15 Facebook Advertisement Fails

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Facebook Advertisements

Like all major large websites, Facebook is no stranger to weird content being posted.  It’s inevitable that when hundreds of millions of users come to your site creating billions of page views monthly that some things are gonna slip through the cracks.

And since advertising is still something that the social networking giant has to work on, it would tend to reason that some of their advertisements might not be up to par.  In other words, they’ll let just about anything through.

And I mean anything through.  Check out these 15 Facebook advertisement fails

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Jan 29 2010

Friday’s Funbag: Keeley Hazell Starts it Off, Messed up Time Machine, and TV Talk Show Fights

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Click on the photo for more of Keeley Hazell

I mean what can you really say about Keeley?  She’s it my friends.  She’s like, the one.  The all powerful, all boobtastic, all sex tape, all British, all whatever the hell else you want to say one.  Just one night.  One night is all I ask. I even have my wife’s permission.

More “the ones” at Uncoached’s Facebook Group

The Funbag

If you had a time machine and a sick sense of humor – [Cracked]

The Best TV Talk show fights ever – [Holytaco]

6 Types of women who equal first date disaster – [Regetfulmorning]

The best viral footage you’ll see all week – [Linkiest]

PETA’s “State of the Union Undressed” – [Brobible] (Semi NSFW)

Bikini Vegemite wrestling seems cool – [Asylum]

An awesome collection of “brave” pictures – [Cavemancircus]

Butterflies that are sure to fascinate you – [Oddee]

Karina Smirnoff rocks a bikini in the best way – [Celebrity Odor]

20 People who are cooler than you are – [Manofest]

There’s piss in your perfume – [The Frisky]

When sports fans lose it and cry – [Attuworld]

Just in case you missed the hump day hotties – [Funtasticus]

Have you ever seen someone do centrifuge training? – [EgoTV]

A bunch of female reasons why Facebook is awesome – [The Chive]

Do you realize how hot Iga Wyrwal is? – [Sublime Blog]

There’s hating your boss and then there’s this – [Atom]

The hottest chicks you will see all week – [Reelpretty]

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Jan 28 2010

Real Video Game Vixens Lead the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more video game vixens

Considering how popular the video game industry has become it’s no wonder that hot chicks have entered the world of the virtual.  It’s as sexy as anything.  You gotta love seeing a torrid hottie with a video game console.

Other “off” hotties at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Portfolio

Julie Karina Ekaterina Rack Danielle Hottie FHM Miranda

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Jan 28 2010

Examples of Amazing Forest Photography

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Amazing Forests

Have you ever watched television or looked at a photograph and thought to yourself “man I wish I were there at this very second?”  I think we all have.  And no it’s not when I’m watching a girl on girl scene (although yes that would be quite applicable too).

I’m referring more to pictures and videos of amazing scenery and color.  Sometimes you just want to be in another world, away from all the things of man.

These forests certainly qualify as places I would love to escape to at the blink of an eye

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Jan 28 2010

Just in Case You’re Feeling Down Today

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I’m not saying I’m down.  I just know that many of you are at work sitting there in your cubicles wishing you were in a better place.   Well friends, that better place is out there.  You just have to let it happen.

And Neil will take you there.  I promise.

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Jan 28 2010

She’s Uncoachable: Belgian Beauty Sabine Hoogsteder

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Sabine Hoogsteder

Unfortunately there aren’t many pictures of Sabine Hoogsteder out there on the interwebs.  All we’ve got is her homepage which I find quite interesting.   Oddly enough the bio section begins with the line “I’m a Taurus so…”  What comes after that is all Belgian language.

Can someone explain why the “I’m a Taurus” was in English?  From what I can tell from her portfolio it looks like she was on some show called “Beauty and the Nerd,”  so she’s got that going for her, which is nice.

Eh, I’m normally not that into blonds but she’ll certainly do.

More of Sabine after the jump

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Jan 28 2010

That is One Badass Puppy

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Correct me if I’m wrong but that sure looks like Siberian Husky to me.  These are definitely the coolest looking dogs out there.  I’ve heard that they’re a pain in the ass as pets but man, look how awesome this little guy is.

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Jan 28 2010

OK Maybe Jim Carrey’s Still Got It

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I know I’ve come down on Mr. Carrey often wishing he’d return to his days of In Living Color and Ace Ventura.  Truth of the matter is that he’s still damn funny when he wants to be.

Here he improvs the Stephano character during a recorded costume test for Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Many of these lines wound up in the movie.

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Jan 28 2010

When Busts Take Over the World

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Busty Girls

Generally I don’t feel much sympathy for the female population.  It’s not that I’m a sexist, it’s just hard for me to respect an individual who takes Gossip Girl and Sex and the City seriously.  But even I,  a supreme male (with a little penis and zero confidence) can feel for women at times.  Let me explain.

You go out with friends.  You’re looking pretty.  You’re not incredibly busty but your friend sure as hell is.  In fact every single time you go out she’s flaunting the cans and she’s the one who goes home with the dudes, not you.  See guys don’t have this problem because penises are way more concealed.

Women on the other hand.  Sorry ladies.  It sucks when you’re overshadowed by big bombs but it’s just a part of life.

Here are shining examples of when busts take over the world

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