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Jan 28 2010

Five Absolutely Kick ass Concert Intros From Bands That Give you Goose Bumps

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Look I guess I can understand people enjoying Cold Play and being all geeked up for a concert but let’s get real for a second.  There aren’t too many bands in the world that can generate more energy than the sun on a given night.

In fact I think there are only a select few.  So forgive me if I don’t think you should shit yourself when The Jonas Brothers are about to hit the stage.  Put it this way:  I’m not necessarily saying that these five bands are the only guys out there but I will say that you really can’t argue as to why I’ve put them up here.

And man do they know how to open a show.  Here are five absolutely kick ass concert intros from bands that’ll give you goosebumps

Vedder Comes out with Boxing Gloves to Rocky in Philly

was at this concert and it was sick. These guys played over 40 songs and played for 3 1/2 hours.  This thing was no joke.  And you knew right from the start when Eddie came out with those boxing gloves that he was gonna fight it till the end.

U2 – Sydney- City of Blinding Lights

Man does this band generate some energy.  I’ve been to a few of their concerts and when those lights come on you don’t even need to hear music to feel the electricity in the place.  “City of Blinding Lights” however, really gets em going.

Rolling Stones – Start Me Up (Serbia)

Just seeing these guys walk out on stage would be enough to put me into a tizzy let alone Start me up.  Absolutely awesome.  Unfortunately I’ve never seen them in concert but every single person I’ve talked to raves about it.

AC DC at All State Arena in 2008

These guys might be a notch below the other four but come on.  Do you realize how badass these guys are?  I think they’re highly underrated and judging by this intro, deservedly so.

Metallica in Sheffield Arena – Lasers

I don’t care how out of touch Metallica might be with itself.  They still throw a ridiculous show.  And when these guys scream, the audience screams right the hell back.

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