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Jan 27 2010

Videos of Cute Kids Singing Songs

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I’m still trying to figure out whether or not I like kids.  I mean yeah they’re cute and all.  But good God do they make you tired.  Have you ever spent 2 hours with a five-year-old?  OK how about 24 hours?  Seriously it’s like you’ve been put through some kind of a wind tunnel and it takes you 6 days to recover.

It’s pretty much worse than having a hangover.  And most parents will tell you “it’s all worth it.”  I don’t know man.  I kind of like having energy and my sanity.

Then again, there are tons of things that cute little kids do that sort of have to make you smile.  Singing is definitely one of them.

Enjoy these videos of cute kids singing songs

The Cuppycake Song

These cheeks.  Are you kidding  me?

Cute Korean Kid Singing Hey Jude

Listen to how he says better.

All my Lovin’

How do you not smile at this?

Kid Sings “I Kissed a Girl”

Man is this little man into it.

This is Adorable

Now I know all the states!

Little Kid Singing “I’m Yours”

Doesn’t exactly know the words

I don’t know this song

Look at how serious she is though.  Amazing.

3-Year-Old Singing “My Humps”

My Humps my humps my humps

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