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Jan 20 2010

Great Moments in Johnny Carson and Animals

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After watching any clips of the Johnny Carson show one has to wonder how in the world a guy like Jay Leno ever took over.  Sure I could understand David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, or even Craig Ferguson but man I can’t stand Jay Leno.   He must have made some kind of ridiculous deal with the devil.

In any event, one of the best features that Carson ever had were his moments with animals.  Whether it was Jim Fowler or Joan Embry, you knew that when an animal made an appearance the show would be electric.

And in these clips the show was nothing short of just that.

The Baby Organgutans

The Bush Dog

Johnny and a Parrot

Jim Fowler Animal Moments

Rooster Poop Moment

The Myna Bird

The Celebes Ape

Little Bear Getting Drunk

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