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Jan 19 2010

Picture of the Day: Great Meth Ad

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I’m sure the folks in Nevada wouldn’t exactly be happy with this ad.  Hell it’s the world’s oldest profession right?  Still though,  I think ad is pretty powerful and I don’t blame the Montana Meth Project for printing it.    Plus you can’t argue with these stats:

Two years after launching the Meth Project in Montana, adult Meth use has declined by 72% and Meth-related crime has decreased 62%.

Reality is one of the best forms of advertising.

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  • Joe Momma

    Thanks for continuing the common misperception that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas. It’s not, you idiot.

  • Mike

    Hey – in Nevada we have both prostitutes AND meth addicts / factories! We’re an all-in-one state!

    @Joe Momma – he said Nevada, where it’s legal in most counties, not Las Vegas, which is in one of the two counties where it is illegal. Seriously, if you can’t read, you have no right to call someone else an idiot.



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