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Jan 13 2010

A Selection of 10 Awesome Beatles Mashup Songs

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I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  Do you think in 30 years people are going to be listening to The Jonas Brothers on the radio and saying “man, that was music.”  Um, not a chance.  But you can bet your ass that even in 150 years The Beatles will continuously be playing on the radiol

The music is simple, fun, and connects to every single audience imaginable.  Which I guess is why so many people are now creating mashup songs featuring tracks from all kinds of bands mixed with tracks of the Beatles.

After all, it makes the other bands look better.

Here are 10 awesome Beatles mashup songs

Sgt Pepper’s Paradise City

I have to say this song worked out perfectly.  Never thought these two bands could mesh that well but boy is it awesome here.

The Beatles Vs. The Black Eyed Peas

I can’t lie. I can’t stand hip hop but this sounds damned cool.

Don’t Let it Be Anger

Let it Be Vs. Oasis.  Eh, the chorus is kind of crappy but the stuff in the beginning is cool.

Octopus’s Santeria

Hey if you get a chance to feature a song that Ringo sings you gotta take it

Rigby Stew

A little Green Day works out nicely.

Crosstown – Hendrix and Beatles

I’m sorry but this is the shit.

The Paperback Believer

Woohoo!  The Monkees made it in this list!

Eleanor Rigby Reggae Mashup

Surprisingly slow and surprisingly successful

Let it Be Me – Beatles vs. Shaggy

Man I hate the hip hop mashups but it’s good I tell ya.

Beatles vs. Nine Inch Nails

This is BADASS

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