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Jan 05 2010

Video Evidence as to Why The Miss Reef Contest Needs More Publicity

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In case any of you are beach folk or have simply been to the beach, I’m sure you are familiar with Reef.   But are you familiar with the bikini contests they sponsor all around the world?   Just like Hooters does with all of their fantastic “beauty pageants” Reef has done the same, only theirs are way better.

How you might ask?  Because Reef’s contests are basically like suped up versions of Spring Break contests where you are guaranteed every girl is hot and that every girl will be shaking it, big time.

Hooters they just stand there.  I’m voting for Reef.

As you will surely see below it’s a no brainer that this classic contest needs to make its way into the mainstream

Miss Reef 2005

I might even like these outfits more than bikinis.  Red is such a fantastic color.

Hidden Camera in Brazil 2009

Wow, not one face.  Not a one.  Still great.

Miss Reef Model does awesome things

Butts.  Butts. Butts.

Amazing Miss Reef Contestants


Miss Reef in Canada

Eh?  Eh?  Eh?  Eh? Eh? Eh?

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