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Jan 04 2010

15 Examples of Insane Soccer Fans

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Soccer Fan

I’ve gone on record in saying that I’m not a terribly big fan of watching soccer.  I think playing it is quite fun as you are constantly moving around and it appears there’s a lot of action.  But watching it is a different thing.  I’m an American.  And in America we need scoring.  Just watching guys run and kicking a ball simply isn’t enough.

We need more than just that.  This is why hockey blows and is losing credibility by the hour.  But that doesn’t mean foreigners don’t dig their sports.  In fact you might not find a more dedicated fan than a soccer fan.

And here are 15 examples of this sentiment

Soccer Fans

Soccer Fan

Soccer Fan

Soccer Fan

Soccer Fan

Soccer Fan

Soccer Fan

Soccer Fan

Soccer Fan

Soccer Fan

Soccer Fan

Soccer Fan

Soccer Fan

Soccer Fan

Soccer Fan

Not insane, but come on.  I had to add this one.

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  • Kit

    And this is different from what you see at any NFL game how? I mean, come on, there’s the Dog Pound, and the Redskin fans that dress up in women’s clothing with the pig noses, and the Cheeseheads, and all the shirtless fans with various crap painted on their chests, and the young women who don’t even keep the goodies covered, just hoping to make it on that big screen in prime time.

  • frankyg

    Sorry, just a quick comment from a “soccer” (football) fan. The fact that there is very little scoring in a football game compared to other ball sports is precisely the reason why it is so popular. A team scoring or conceding a goal after many minutes of unbearable tension induces in its fans emotions which are simply unrivalled in a sport context. Let me think of a suitable analogy: oh, yes, sex…

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  • Cantona Kick

    By “foreigners” you mean the six and a half billion people in the world who couldn’t care less about the sport you – for some inexplicable reason – call football, yeah?

    Your (half) century is over, hope you enjoyed it.

    You twit.

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  • FPDC

    “I’m an American. And in America we need scoring.”


    You want to score? Score a goal! Plain and simple.

    @ Cantona Kick: you sir are a legend!

  • James

    You often hear Americans whine about soccer being a “boring sport to watch” because “we need scoring”. You’ll never hear this anywhere but in America? WHy is this?

    Quite simply Americans think that ACTION is STATISTICS. Anyone who has watched american football or baseball can see just how little action there is, the players run so little, the ball moves so much less than in soccer…etc, yet every single thing that happens has attached a statistic to it. For example in american football, simply running with a ball forward for 10 yards and then going down will generate a statistic (he scored a 10 yard drive) and excite Americans because his achievement was QUANTIFIED into a statistic, a number, while in soccer a player could move the ball forward 10 yard and NO statistic is given to him (ie. he didn’t score 10 yards) and hence they find it to be uneventful. Americans can’t seem to understand and get excited about sports in any other way except through numbers.

    Its not a bad or good thing, its just a very different and unique way of watching sports, and given this context its no wonder americans “don’t get” soccer, they are looking for statistics, looking for quanitfiable achievement in a free-flowing sport that is completely not about that.

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