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Jan 31 2010

Sunday’s Picture of the Week: The Scariest Apple Ever

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I had to share this.  What in the hell is this?  Really?

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Jan 31 2010

Sports Sunday: Remember When Allen Iverson Could do This?

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You don’t see things like this very often from a guy who is 6′0, 160 lbs but this was one bad ass follow up dunk. I’m hoping that Brandon Jennings will be able to pull these kinds of plays once in a while.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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Jan 30 2010

Sexy Saturday: Brazilian Music Video Hottie Amanda Rosa

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Amanda Rosa

If not for her financial woes, Amanda Rosa da Silva would have been one of the prettiest lawyers that Central America has ever produced. She dropped out of law school and decided to put her natural beauty and sexiness to good use.

And we’re all very grateful for that.  Thank you Ms. Rosa.  We love you.

More of Amanda after the jump

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Jan 30 2010

The Weekend Wash: The Amazing Jenny P, Terrible Executive Decisions, and Aussie Tennis Babes

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Jenny P

Click on the photo for more of Jenny P

To this day I’m not sure if people know if the name is Jenny P or if it’s Penny Mathis. To tell you the truth there are two huge reasons why I’m not all that concerned about it.   Good God those are glorious.

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The Wash

5 Horrible decisions made by TV executives – [Cracked]

A sexy gallery of Aussie tennis babes – [Maxim]

MMA Fighters Carina Damm and her sexy photos – [Bustedcoverage]

If you don’t like this sexy pics then you’re an idiot – [Ehowa]

For the best in celebrity “slips” go here – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

10 of the craziest new types of tattoos – [Oddee]

The latest edition of hotties in the wild – [Doubleviking]

Twenty eight beauty queens gone wild – [COED Magazine]

Best and worst WWE Royal Rumble moments – [Bleacherreport]

The best links you missed all week – [Linkiest]

Greg Oden’s nude photos will cause you distress – [Asylum]

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Check out the lazy window washer – [Attuworld]

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Cat drops a monitor on a sit up guru – [Totally Crap]

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Chelsea Handler is definitely hot even though she’s getting old – [Holytaco]

The 10 Step guide to breaking up with a girl – [Brobible]

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Jan 29 2010

The Hottest Women on Wheels Leads The P.M. Portfolio

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Girls on Cars

Click on the photo for more hot girls on cars

Nothing’s more fun than getting behind the wheel of a powerful machine.  And by behind the wheel I mean with a women on all fours and you being ready to rev her engine.  God that was pathetic.  Still though, hot chicks on cars is kind of cool.

More cool stuff at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Portfolio

Sulman Peaches Freitas Candice Wow Vergara Hottie Universe

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Jan 29 2010

Some of the Worst (Best) Birthday Cakes Ever

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Bad Birthday Cakes

I think once you reach a certain age birthdays become kind of meaningless.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to celebrate and all.   And it’s nice to get presents.  But I mean what else do I want for my birthday?

It’s not like I’m desiring a scooter, a bike. or a Gameboy at this point.  Hell I’m just happy with the acknowledgment.   You know what else I’m happy with come birthday time? A cake.

And if I ever got one of these cakes I would laugh my ass of at how bad they are.

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Jan 29 2010

Remi Gallard Takes his F1 Through the Streets of France

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I don’t care how dumb this is, this is awesome.  This is definitely something the guys from Jackass would pull.  And if it’s like that it earns my utmost respect.

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Jan 29 2010

She’s Uncoachable: The Escudero Sisters Are What It’s All About

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Escudero Sisters

Meet Silvina and Vanina Escudero.  They hail from Argentina and are both incredibly hot in their own rights.  However, when you put them together they are an even stronger force.

Not only do they not caring about showing some skin, they seem to enjoy it.  I don’t know.  You can just tell.  I think after posting about 20,000 pictures of these types of women I’m an authority on the subject by now.

And by God, these girls enjoy each other.

Enjoy the Escudero sisters after the jump

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Jan 29 2010

A Little Extra Incentive

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I’ve seen cool warning signs before but this one just adds that little extra that makes you appreciate the honesty.  As long as a person can read I assume they would obey this warning.

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Jan 29 2010

One Reason You Should Be Pumped to See The Who Come Superbowl Time

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Yesterday I wrote an article on 5 awesome concert intros and when I wrote it I also knew that The Who should definitely be included on that list.  The unfortunate thing was that I couldn’t find any good videos out there to embed.

Luckily this video just dropped into my mailbox.  It ain’t a concert intro that’s for sure.  It’s a whole hell of a lot better.

Smashing up the set of The Smothers Brothers?  Awesome.

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