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Dec 28 2009

Monday’s Madness: Lovely Ladies to Welcome Us, Baffling Star Wars, and Mike Tyson

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Click on the photo to view more ladies like Monica here

Welcome back everyone!  I trust that you’re all stuffed and ready to start not working by visiting sites like these.  Good.  Great.  Grand.  Now that you’re ready to return to the world, let’s countdown until the New Year.

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The Madness

The most baffling moments of the Star Wars Holiday special – [Cracked]

I can’t wait to see Mike Tyson in the WWE – [DJ Mick]

Olivia Wilde Cameltoe?  I think so! – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

Winners of the ugly Christmas sweat contest – [Brobible]

25 of the best Christmas trees this year – [Holytaco]

This is the best schoolgirl picture I’ve ever seen – [Funtasticus]

Sienna Miller did the bikini Christmas – [Don Chavez]

And what the hell is under your mask? – [Sublime Blog]

Behind Olivia Munn’s Maxim cover shoot – [G4TV]

You can never get enough hot Cosplay chicks – [The Chive]

Blockbuster Sports trades that shocked us all – [Linkiest]

Santa Claus robs a bank to pay elves – [Asylum]

The seven most bizarre Christmas print ads – [Guyism]

Engineers+Cats+Christmas+Lasers – [The DW]

Grandpa Schriver is the best singer ever – [Withleather]

Ladies human beatbox head to head beat off – [The Bachelor Guy]

Alessandra Ambrosio personal candid pics – [Celebrity Odor]

Rachel McAdams is getting it on with the help – [Flisted]

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