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Dec 17 2009

The Coolest 4-Year-Old Ever Except for One Part

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I’m not sure how any four year old could possibly think of this on their own but this little tike seemed to do so….

“I don’t know how four year old could think of this,” said Logan Pugh. Pugh was sleeping inside a friend’s home on Blue Spruce Drive on Monday night, little did he know, he wasn’t the only guest. “He got in an out of the house without waking anybody up,” Pugh told Eyewitness News. Pugh slept soundly until deputies with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office knocked on the door looking for a missing four year old boy. “They found him at the end of the street drinking a beer, walking around like it was nothing,” Pugh remembered. It wasn’t until the deputies left and the scene cleared away that Pugh realized the little boy had come in the unlocked door and taken all of the presents from underneath the Christmas tree. Under the tree were items of clothing including a girl’s dress, which the little boy was wearing when deputies found him.

Amazingly enough, the kid returned home safe and sound. You have to wonder what the hell kind of home this kid returned to. I mean if you’re raising your kid to be a beer drinking cross dresser it’s probably not a great route to take.

Like I said, other than the wearing a dress can you imagine seeing a four year old just strolling around drinking a beer like it’s nothing? Awesome


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