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Dec 15 2009

And Us Men Still Don’t Care: Women Remember Their First Shoes More than Their First Boy

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As if there weren’t enough reasons to not care about anything our women do or pay them any mind a new statistic pops up to reinforce why I will never understand women nor will I ever try to….

It’s what many a downtrodden chap has long suspected – shoes are closer to a girl’s heart than he can ever be. In fact she is more likely to harbour memories of her favourite pumps, mules and stilettos than she is of boyfriends she has booted out, research shows. Some 92 per cent of women remember the first shoes they bought with their own money

I mean really?  Seriously?   All I have to say is “who the hell cares?”  When your girl is on the phone with her best friend talking for 45 minutes about Gossip Girl and US Weekly and feeling that if she doesn’t talk to her friends for at least 5 hours a week or something is wrong, it’s safe to assume that chicks are weird.

This is just another helpful stat that proves that women are absolutely insane and find completely and utter bullshit way more important than real life.  I mean come on.  At least we’ve got sports.  Chicks suck.

[Via Dailymail]

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