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Dec 14 2009

Monday Madness: Pamela Sosa Starts It, Fast Movie Trailers, and Annoying Clothes

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There’s a legend that one could seduce this Argentine with just a few bubbles from a bubble bath.  Um, if that’s the case then I’m headed out to the nearest Shop Rite like ASAP.  Man I love chicks that walk like that.

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The Madness

Fifty movie trailers in four minutes – [Manofest]

Clothing innovations that will be annoying you soon – [Cracked]

I think her boobs might be blocking my view – [Ehowa]

I think you could use some photobombs today – [The Chive]

Elsa Pataky is what you’d call Latina heat – [Funtasticus]

Kelly Bensmion looks quite attractive in a bikini – [Don Chavez]

When Olivia shoots Kevin with a paintball gun – [G4TV]

Capturing celebrities sex on film – [Cityrag]

Gisele Bundchen is one sexy mama – [Flisted]

The Golden girls are very very aggressive – [OMG Blog]

When you need sexy girls you turn here – [Takeareport]

Seven awesome new Tiger Woods ads – [Celebrity Odor]

Everyone deserves a hand job – [Flabber]

The best secret beer refrigerator ever – [Gibbs 12]

This is what you call learning on the job – [Attuworld]

I might vomit at the new Sex in the City poster – [Filmdrunk]

Hottie Violante Placido does a GQ shoot – [Totally Crap]

33 Year Old midwestern hottie shows off for us – [HGOM]

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