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Dec 09 2009

Guido Videos That Should Anger You but They Made Me Laugh

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I’ve spent the good part of 2 years getting riled up and upset at this Guido culture.   I’ve argued that these folks aren’t even human.  The stuff they pull, hairstyles they have, and all out homoerotic moronicism has taken me to new heights of shaking my head in disgust.

But when you sit back and actually think about it, none of these guys are gonna be successful.  And none of them are a threat to you and me.  So if you have that mindset you can sit back and laugh at these dolts.

Eh, I’m still pissed.  Still though, they’re quite entertaining.

Here are some guido videos to brighten up your day

Whoaaaa! You Ready?

Why Everyone Hates Guidos

Yelling on the Seaside Boardwalk

This Guy is Awesome

Cuzo’s Car Ride to the Hamptons

Guido Beach

Guidos in Cabo

Tweaking Balls

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

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