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Dec 03 2009

Obese Air Passenger Photo Begs Us to Ponder Ethics

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I’m not sure where to go with this one but here’s the story…

An obese passenger boarded an American Airlines flight without buying a second seat, so a flight attendant took a photo of him and stuck it on the Internet.

There are numerous sides to this story (including fat jokes which I won’t even go near) but the main one is why didn’t the guy buy two seats?  We can’t really know the answer and it’s quite possible that the man had a condition.  Afterall it would truly suck to sit like that for an entire flight.

On the other if he was just being a dick and wanted the man next to him to suffer, then that’s not cool.

Lastly,  what about exiting the plane in case of an emergency?  This isn’t even a joke.  It would be a major safety hazard and people wouldn’t be able to get out as quickly.

It’s a moral debate but face it folks….would you guys want this dude on your plane sitting next to you?  I didn’t think so.

[Via Buzzfeed and Tabloidprodigy]

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  • http://www.jintudesigns.com Jintu

    A flight attendant friend of mine sent me the same photo, she told me that her friend took the picture.

  • Natty

    Alrighty then.

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