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Dec 31 2009

Fun Party Girls Lead the P.M Portfolio

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Fun Girls

Click on the photo for more girls like this…

When you see a picture like this what goes through your mind?  Me.  Slight thoughts of nostalgia but really thoughts of the future and realizing my life will never be that good again.  Yay marriage!

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The Portfolio

Jana Gemma Sara Erika Cosplay Hottie Misa Beach

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Dec 31 2009

The Modern Day Santa Mobile

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Santa Clause Hummer

It would appear that Santa-Clauses move around here and there only with the help of only their sleighs.  As it turns out, they have other modes of transportation.

The following car belongs to a very stylish Santa and his elves look more than promising.  The car is equipped with everything even the most demanding Santa needs.

This Hummer is completely red and it even has even a fireplace.

Pics after the jump

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Dec 31 2009

The Hambone Brothers

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Dec 31 2009

Men Fake Orgasms Too: Yup, More Often That You’d Think

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O Face

If you thought it was just women faking orgasms then folks, you’d be very wrong.  Clearly it’s a little more difficult for a man to fake them as liquid falls into the picture.  Still though, dudes get tired of the whole sex thing at times.

Most commonly, it was just pure boredom and my attention span with someone had ceased or a very determined girl that wouldn’t accept the fact that I just wasn’t going to get off at that moment in time.” Chris admitted that exhaustion was his reason for faking it. “To be fair, I think each time it was at least the third fuck of the day,” he wrote. “And it was nice at first, but after a while I just wanted it over with.”

I can’t help think of the Seinfeld episode – “when you’re bored and it’s enough already.”  Gentlemen have you ever faked?  I have once.  Once in my entire life I had a condom on and realized it wasn’t going to happen.  I pretended to finish. made a little noise, pulled out and got the hell out of there.

Now I’m married so there’s no pretending on anything.  If you’re not in the mood you don’t do anything.  And if I’m not gonna have an orgasm, that’s the way it is.

[Via Alternet]

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Dec 31 2009

She’s Uncoachable: Sexy Serbian Model Nina Senicar

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Nina Senicar

After winning Miss Yugoslavia in 2001 I would say that Nina Senicar’s path was pretty much set.  Although lately she’s burning it up on the Italian airwaves.

Already known to not play the part of the Valletta in the Italian sports show, “Controcampo?, the Nina Senicar is hosting Mammucari’s television program, “Distraction.”

In other words, she dresses in slutty outfits and makes European people drool every single chance the show airs.

More of Senicar after the jump

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Dec 31 2009

How to Beat Up Your Dad

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I mean it’s one thing to just give your pop a little nudge, it’s another to be as vivacious as this young buck.  I mean this girl seriously has it out for this guy.  Good thing that bat was harmless.

Dude better watch out when she’s a teenager.

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Dec 31 2009

Why This Soccer Player is My Hero: The Women of Cristiano Ronaldo

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Women of Cristiano Ronaldo

About the only good line to come out of the movie Two For the Money is “all this guy does is work out and pick winners.”  I mention this because Cristiano Ronaldo needs some kind of tag line.  I would imagine it would go something like “all this guy does is play soccer and bang hot chicks.”

Seriously man.  If there’s ever a reason to take up soccer at a young age, Ronaldo is the reason.  The guy is 24 years old for Christ’s sake.  He has easily taken down over 100 women.

I mean this gallery is pretty extensive but don’t forget how many women this guy must have had relations with that weren’t caught by the paparazzi.  Consider this guy the Wilt Chamberlain of soccer.

Here are his conquests

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Dec 31 2009

The 10 Most Absurdly Racist Commercials I’ve Seen in a While

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Chocolate Man

It’s one thing to make an obvious point.  It’s another to try to be subtle and you wind up looking like a complete ass. And yet it’s another thing when you are doing something wrong just to get attention.  The thing about racist commercials is that they can fall under any one of these categories.

From self racism to blatantly outward situations of racism these 10 commercials will have you scratching your head at how ridiculous they are.

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Dec 31 2009

Thursday’s Throwdown: The Stripper Formula, Krystal and Her Boots, and One Hell of a Striptease

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Click on the photo for the full stripper formula

Strippers often wear body glitter and put great effort into thematic costumes and dance routines. This is because they are unfamiliar with the mathematic principal that dictates success in their profession

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The Throwdown

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Harry Potter and the magic of puberty – [Attuworld]

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Boob enhancement video editing gone wrong – [Nextround]

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Doing the Snooki punch, but with dogs – [OMG Blog]

An incredible wave riding video – [Withleather]

Holly Weber’s hotness should be illegal – [Spewf]

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Dec 30 2009

The Sydney Swimwear Parade Didn’t Break A Record but it Was Funny

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Sydney Swimwear Parade

Perhaps I should set my sites on Australia:

Famous for its beautiful beaches, it’s not unusual to see residents and tourists alike wearing swimwear in Sydney but the number of people stripping off in Australia’s second city almost broke new records in November.

Hundreds of Sydneysiders took to the streets to try and set a new record for the world’s largest swimwear parade in a bid to raise funds for charity.

Well even though the beachgoers of Sydney failed to have the largest turnout that doesn’t mean it was flat out funny and at the same time sexy.  Ain’t nothing wrong with weird dudes in speedos looking silly and hot chicks cleaving.

Pics after the jump

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